Subzero t-shirt from mortal Kombat game

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Subzero T-Shirt from one for all clothes anime store in Egypt

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Subzero T-Shirt from one for all clothes anime store in Egypt

Embrace the icy grip of victory with this Mortal Kombat t-shirt dedicated to the grandmaster of Lin Kuei, Sub-Zero.


  • Sub-Zero’s Portrait: Showcase the stoic visage of Sub-Zero, his piercing blue eyes and signature blue mask instantly recognizable to Mortal Kombat fans.
  • Ice Powers Unleashed: Depict Sub-Zero unleashing his cryomantic might, freezing opponents with ice blasts or forming icy weapons.
  • Iconic Symbols: Incorporate the Lin Kuei dragon emblem or the iconic “GET OVER HERE!” ice clone symbol for a subtle yet impactful touch.


  • Breathable Comfort: Similar to other designs, 100% cotton or a breathable cotton blend are ideal for withstanding the heat of battle (or everyday wear).


  • Crew Neck: The most common and versatile style, perfect for showcasing your allegiance to the Lin Kuei.


  • Cool and Menacing: Predominantly blue and black, reflecting Sub-Zero’s icy powers and unwavering resolve.
  • Accents: White or silver highlights can be added to the graphic for a touch of detail.

Additional Details:

  • Classic or Modern: Choose a design that captures Sub-Zero’s classic arcade-era look or his more recent, battle-worn appearance.
  • Signature Moves: Incorporate subtle references to Sub-Zero’s iconic moves like the Ice Slide or the Uppercut for true fans.
  • Personalized Touches: Adding your initials or a specific Sub-Zero quote can make the shirt truly your own.

By incorporating these elements, you can create a Sub-Zero t-shirt that strikes fear into the hearts of your opponents and celebrates your love for this iconic Mortal Kombat character.



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